We have entertained orientation and lunch party with 1st batch students.
All the students were full of motivation, I was able to spend very lively and enjoyable. It was a special day on the day. For both the students and ourselves also.  It’s time to start future, not only students we are also.

In the second half, We touched the actual lesson such as a simple greeting, watched the video, and heard the Japanese voice for listening skills. Now the students cannot catch up the vocabulary. But 4month after, we are promise that ” You can communicate in Japanese.”

Finally, we enjoy the lunch party!!

Thank you for 1st batch students!!
Thank you for all of our partners!!
Thank you for Mr Nakao, Mr Nunotani, Ms Jeanie, Mr Nakazono.

I appreciate to meet guys, and this students.
It’s my pleasure of my life.  

Hiraku Sekihara
ALSSC Management Director

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