Hi! Japanese Language Learners!!

NHK easy web news is a news site made for foreign residents in Japan. All Kanji have hiragana’s phonetic styles, and it has been taken into consideration for foreigners to understand easily. In addition, it is also possible to listen to the news by voice so it will also be a practice of listening.

Although not known so much, in Japan, efforts to convey necessary information in simple Japanese for foreigners are ongoing. This, “NHK easy news web” is one of these initiatives. This gives a very good opportunity for learners of Japanese living in other countries while using this site.

The point of learning other language studies is to have interests in the other national cultures and customs the best way. Please do learn Japanese with interests in Japan by all means. Time to improve significantly is different.

If you are Japanese Learner, Please try to use this site while your studying. It’s my proposal for you.

Hiraku Sekihara
ALSSC ( Managing Director )

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