There is many Japanese language schools, so why you choose “ALSSC”? It’s first question from students who want to learn Japanese Language. I will answer it on today for the questions.

Language education industry

Now Education industry will be changing, Because the industry is outdated industry. It is understandable that the education industry has a lot of cooperation with public institutions and it tends to be delayed in approaching new technologies by all means.

We focus on improving the actual Japanese performance in the short term, while incorporating new technology. This effort has attracted attention from industry stakeholders, and our system can be diverted to other language education, not limited to Japanese.

It has been usual that language education so far focuses on inputs in the classroom. However, even though the examination scores could be taken, only the insufficient ability was obtained as an actual language user. Because of that fact, students were not able to communicate well in many cases even though they acquired new languages ​​and worked for foreign companies.

Our approach

Language is not a thing to master after hardship. It is something that you learn while enjoying by touching the culture and customs of the country and soaking it there. When the baby learned the words, did you remember learning hard work? ,,No,,

The most important thing in learning languages ​​is the balance between output and input. We will make outputs as much as possible in the classroom, and inputs will be made more efficient by technology. Such a form is our ideal, focusing on how we enjoy the language in the classroom.

It means you can get more opportunity more easily while enjoying and fun.

Let’s enjoy learning languages.
Let’s touch other culture.

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