( Investment amount transition table to Asia by Japan company )

” Isolated country” that lasted from 1639 for 215 years has modern Japan prosper in its unique home culture not found elsewhere. Even in modern times, cultures, institutions, technologies, services, etc.. have evolved independently in the Japan Market.

But the next question to be raised is why only Japanese can not speak English stubbornly?
It’s difficult to answer for that, but I’m sure Japanese has big different from English. pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary,  etc.. Actually Japanese contents are difficult to express the meanings in English exactly.

Meanwhile, the current economic situation in Japan, with domestic demand shrinking, direct investment towards Asia gained the highest value. It is easily anticipated that the number of cases of M&A (Mergers and acquisitions) by Japanese companies will increase more and more in near the future.

Already you can see why you learn Japanese Language.
In Asia area, It’s one of opportunity to learn Japanese to get Job offer, and make friend with Japanese.

Point :
1, Japanese is able to speak ( listen ) well in English.
2, Japan company will increased to invest for Asia.

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